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Press release from 92nd Cabinet session

Press release from 92nd Cabinet session
Published date 04.10.2018 19:45 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (4 October 2018) -- At today's session, the Montenegrin Cabinet passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on Notaries. Amendments harmonise the law with the Draft Law on Certification of Signatures, Manuscripts and Transcripts, which fully regulates the certification and which is binding for all legal entities that carry it out. In addition, the law provides for that the notary is obliged to submit to the Anti-Corruption Agency reports on income and property, while the drafting of a notary act contrary to the provisions of a special law regulating issues, rules and relations that are the subject of a notary act or legal transaction concluded before the notary is considered a serious violation of the notary's duty.

The Government passed the Draft Law on State Awards. The draft law stipulates that, as before, the state awards are as follows: 13th July Award, Njegoš's Award, Oktoih, Petar Lubarda Award and Miroslav's Gospel Award. It is defined that Njegoš award is awarded for a life's work, not as so far for just one piece of work, while the 13th July Award is awarded for all fields of work and creativity. The discussion emphasised that the proposed solutions will provide a better way of evaluating artistic achievements, a more comprehensive insight into the creative opus of the author who looks for the award, establish the institutional organisation and realisation of the tasks that accompany the awarding of state awards, and contribute to strengthening the significance of this institution and better valorisation of the Montenegrin cultural and spiritual heritage.

Today's Cabinet also passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on State Symbols and the Statehood Day of Montenegro, which stipulates, inter alia, the obligation to keep the flag permanently on the buildings of local self-government and public institutions founded by the State or the municipality. as to penal provisions, the draft law is harmonised with the Draft Law Amending the Law prescribing fines for misdemeanors. For violations of legal provisions, fines of EUR 1,000 to EUR 20,000 are imposed for a legal entity, from EUR 300 to EUR 2,000 for a responsible person in a legal entity and a natural person, while a fine of EUR 300 to EUR 6,000 is imposed on entrepreneurs. Among other things, a fine of EUR 300 to EUR 2,000 will be imposed on a natural person if they do not rise during the performance of the anthem.

The Government passed the Regulation on prohibited or allowed means of use, production and placing on the market of chemicals that represent an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment, thus bringing into national legislation the European Union's provisions defining that production, placing on the market and the use of these substances need to be regulated by full or partial prohibitions or other restrictions based on risk assessment.

The Cabinet passed the Decision on the determination of goods whose export is prohibited and is intended for the deprivation of life of persons and goods whose use may subject a person to torture and goods whose import and export are not prohibited and can be used for the killing of persons by injecting a deadly injection (anesthetic agents with barbiturates with short-term or mid-term action). This document was adopted in order to fulfill the undertaken obligations, harmonise with the EU standards in this area, improve the normative prerequisites for establishing state control in order to protect the security and foreign policy interests of Montenegro, international credibility and integrity.

Today's session passed the information on the Finalisation of the Protection Study for Ulcinj Salina project. It was stated that the study will be forwarded to the Municipality of Ulcinj for further consideration in order to proclaim the area a nature park.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government recalled Montenegro’s Honorary Consul Christodoulos Damianou from Nicosia, Cyprys, since he, on his own initiative and without prior instructions or approval of the Ministry, supported and co-organised the promotion of the programme of economic citizenship of Montenegro in Moscow and Kiev, although the programme has not yet passed through the appropriate Government’s procedures. The former Honorary Consul represented his company Eurofast as an intermediary in the aforementioned countries, which is incompatible with his jurisdiction of the Honorary Consul in Cyprus.

"The Government is sending a clear message that it will not allow this programme to be compromised from any address," said Prime Minister Duško Marković concluding the discussion on this item of the agenda.