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PM Lukšić: Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje new Montenegro's development reality

PM Lukšić: Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje new Montenegro
Published date 01.10.2012 11:37 | Author PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (1 October 2012) – Prime Minister Igor Lukšić met with famous performance artist Marina Abramović and renewed architects Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu before the presentation of the project Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje (MACCOC) in Royal Capital of Cetinje, Montenegro, on Sunday evening.

He pointed out that MACCOC project represents a new development reality for Cetinje and Montenegro.

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to promote the project that represents a synergy of culture and economy. Today, when the world’s economy is recovering from economic crisis, there is need for new initiatives. Cetinje, as a historical, spiritual and cultural centre of Montenegro, through the evaluation of the Obod industrial complex, represents a huge development potential,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He thanked Marina Ambamović on taking over the role of the international promoter of Obod, Cetinje and Montenegro.

Marina Ambamović said that MACCOC project has given a new dimension to her artistic life.

“Rather than sit and create, I take part in a project that will bring new jobs and development. It is a completely new social role of an artist,” she said.

She thanked PM Luksić on the Government’s support for the project, adding that her mission of promoting MACCOC continues in the international arts and business cycles.

Architects Koolhaas and Shigematsu, who are to design the master plan for the multipurpose centre, said they are looking forward to take part in the project which aims to preserve heritage and culture, and contribute to the development at the same time. This project, they added, will develop Cetinje into a recognised arts and cultural centre.

Aware of the cultural and economic potential of the Royal Capital of Cetinje, the Government of Montenegro adopted in 2010 the Programme titled “Cetinje - City of Culture 2010 – 2015” worth EUR 20 million.

The establishment of the multipurpose Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje (MACCOC), situated in an old refrigerator factory, is one of the main activities within the programme which joins economic and cultural content of the Royal Capital of Montenegro. It implies the opening of fairs and shopping malls, which, along with the enhancement of cultural content and cultural industry, will attract investors and create new jobs.