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> Montenegro is a rising start in tourism Montenegro is a rising start in tourism
Published date: 14.03.2011 16:29 | Author: PR Bureau

Ispis Print Montenegro is a rising start in tourism

“Montenegro sees one of the most impressive improvements this year out of all countries,” reads the World Economic Forum’s “Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011.”

The report measures and analyses the drivers of travel and tourism competitiveness in countries world-wide.

In terms of actual ranking, the report says that Montenegro is “going up by a full 16 places to 36th overall, just behind Croatia in the region.” It goes on acknowledging the importance of reforms implemented recently: “The country’s policy rules and regulations for the sector have improved substantially, now ranked 10th in this area; it is also prioritizing the sector more strongly.”
The report further notes that “Montenegro has a strong affinity for Travel & Tourism (ranked 7th), perhaps not surprising given the importance of the sector for the country’s economy.” Commending the country’s tourism infrastructure as “already well developed (ranked 25th),” the report points that “ground transport infrastructure (109th) and air transport infrastructure (62nd) could be further improved to reinforce the country’s T&T competitiveness.”