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Boro Vucinic, Minister of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning: Cape Arza is Safe

Published date: 20.04.2004 10:55 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Decontamination of Cape Arza, which was polluted by uranium material, is competed and the location is completely secure, from the aspect of danger to the environment and the health of people, said Boro Vucinic, Minister of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning of Montenegro at the press conference yesterday. Ana Misurovic, Director of the Centre for Eco-Toxicology Research, said that the process of decontamination, which was implemented in three phases, cost 450,000 Eur.

The project was completely financed by the Government of Montenegro, having in mind that we didnt receive a penny from those who contaminated Arza. We collected 260 rounds of ammunition, made of highly contaminated material, and we sent it to the Nuclear Institute in Vinca in special containers. The soil with low levels of radioactivity was disposed in special barrels, located on Cape Arza, and the whole location will be marked and open to visits, said Musurovic. She added that, in compliance with the UNEP Commission recommendations, a permanent monitoring system shall be established, in spite of the fact that currently there is no pollution on the site. According to Musurovic, the finances for the monitoring will be secured by international donors.

Vucinic announced that the opening of the Montenegro office of the Regional Environmental Centre for SEE is planned for the beginning of June. The REC Office should be seated in Podgorica. He emphasized the importance of the direct communication with the REC headquarters in Budapest for the implementation of environmental projects, as well as the fact that the implementation of those projects is a requirement for promotion of tourism as strategic branch of economy for Montenegro.

Deputy Minister for Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning Luka Mitrovic said that the opening of the REC Office will intensify the cooperation with the Centre, and emphasized that the most important aspect will be the direct management with the funds that Montenegro receives for its environmental projects. He reminded the members of the press that, since 2001, Montenegro was involved in eight REC projects, which are currently being implemented in the field.