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> - Ministry of Education, PRONI and CRS to Develop National Youth Action Plan

Published date: 17.05.2004 15:44 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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On May 11, 2004, Minister of Education and Science, Slobodan Backovic, hosted a meeting that discussed the preparation of National Youth Action Plan for Montenegro. In addition to the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, James Rogan from PRONI and Maja Boljevic from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) participated in the meeting, as partners in the process. The preparation of the national strategy paper will be a joint multi-sector effort, which will include the work of governmental and non-governmental sector, with the goal to project the optimal youth policies, in accordance with international recommendations, standards and best practices.

In addition to education, the National Action Plan will elaborate the segments of culture, health, employment and sports. The meeting emphasized the importance of the National Youth Action Plan as one of the documents that each country member of the Council of Europe is obligated to prepare and adopt. The institutions have one year to draft and adopt the Action Plan, and several participants in the meeting expressed their concern that the available time-frame may not be enough, considering the importance of the project. The partners in the project estimated that the assistance from the experts of the Council of Europe and UNICEF would be of great value, having in mind their prior engagement in the field of youth policy.

It was agreed that the overall project will be financed by the Government of Montenegro, PRONI and CRS, on partnership basis. The Government pledged 12,000 EUR for the project, PRONI will participate with 65,000 EUR, while CRS will ear-mark 14,000 EUR for the project. With the goal to implement the agreed points, a Partnership Agreement will be drafted, which should be signed in the next ten days.

The meeting also confirmed that an orientation seminar will be held sometime in June, under the sponsorship of the Council of Europe. The seminar will mark the official start of activities on the preparation of the National Youth Action Plan. The seminar will be held with participation of international experts and representatives of all sectors involved in the preparation of the plan.