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> On Its Own Montenegro would Get the Feasibility Study for EU Integration in Record Time

Published date: 25.08.2004 17:27 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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If Montenegro progressed towards the EU on its own, there would be no reason for it to fail to harmonize its economic system to European standards. Montenegro would get the feasibility study for the start of negotiations for Stabilization and Association Agreement in a record time, if it enters the process independently, says the EU Integration Minister Gordana Djurovic.
Gordana Djurovic, Minister of EU Integrations
In Djurovic's oppinion, Montenegro would need just several months to enter the World Trade Organization, which should be followed by the Stabilization and Association Agreement. In terms of the economy, the plan is optimistic and promising. I am convinced that the positions of the international community regarding this issue is changing in our favour, says Djurovic. She adds that the accusations from Serbia that Podgorica blocks the processes of internal harmonization are completely unfound and that the Montenegro is making strong efforts to accept the EU standards and the obligations of the Belgrade agreement. Djurovic explains that the reports on the meetings under the Permanent Dialogue Process with the representatives of the European Commission, regarding the dynamics of economic reforms in the selected sectors, prove that Montenegro fulfilled a great number of obligations from the Action Plan for Harmonization of Economic Systems.

Dejan Milovac