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> - Child Saviours Honoured by Bulgaria's President

Published date: 17.09.2004 15:44 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Politics: 16 September 2004, Thursday.

Bulgaria's President awarded Thursday high state orders Madara Hosreman to the Serbia and Montenegro men who saved dozens of Bulgarian lives this year.

On April 4, the Montenegrins rushed to the assistance of Bulgarian children, whose bus had plunged into the Lim River on their way back from a school trip. There were some 40 children in the vehicle, which was gulped by the swollen river in a few minutes. Twelve of the young passengers died in the accident.

"Heroism is the most appropriate word to describe what these men did," President Georgi Parvanov said at the awarding ceremony. He underlined that without the Montenegrin help, the outcome of the accident would have been much more dramatic.

Media have highlighted that the volunteer rescuers risked their own lives to save the Bulgarians.