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Associated Press: U.S will give Montenegro relationship with Serbia high priority, Montenegro's foreign minister said

Published date: 24.06.2005 18:21 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Washington - Montenegro's foreign minister said on Tuesday that State Department officials assured him they will devote full attention to the Balkan republic's efforts to resolve problems in its relationship with Serbia.

''Serbia and Montenegro'' is the official name of what is left of the former Yugoslavia.

Foreign minister Miodrag Vlahović told a gathering at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that he had been worried that U.S.diplomats may give priority to Kosovo question in the comong months at Montenegro's expense. Kosovo is a province of Serbia with restive ethnic Albanian majority, many of whom wants to break away from Serbs.

Vlahović said he does not expect the United States to take sides in the Serbia-Montenegro question but rather to keep abreast of what is going on as Montenegro decide whether to become an independent nation.

''Concentrating on Kosovo is good, but not in a way that Mintenegro is pushed aside'', he said.

Vlahović indicated that he was pleased by the outcome of his discussions in Washington. ''We can expect serious attention'', he said.

He said that his givernment wants to go ahead with statehood referendum in the spring og 2006 regardless of what happened in Kosovo, Montenegro's eastern neighbor.

He said that Mpntenegro has postponed votes twice over the past five years and objects to yet another delay.

''Whatever happens in Montenegro, the impact on Kosovo is nonexistent'', Vlahović said.