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Published date: 13.09.2005 14:20 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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(AGI) - Bari, Italy, Sep 12 - "The Government of the Republic of Montenegro is ready to sign a cooperation agreement with the Puglia Region and hopes to soon host Governor Nichi Vendola in their capital city," said Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Miroslav Ivanisevic.

The Montenegrin government's representative, accompanied by Serbia and Montenegro Consul General Zeljko Stamatovic, visited the 'Fiera del Levante' (Trade Fair) in Bari, confirming the particular ties that link the two coasts of the Adriatic. "Montenegro made a clear choice in favour of Europe and the west and has started procedures to approach the Union with the aim of becoming a member of it as soon as possible," said Ivanisevic, highlighting that "Puglia is our neighbour, our gateway to enter Europe, with which we have privileged channels and a long and secular friendship which would be greater strengthened increasing meeting and cooperation occasions".

The government of Milo Djukanovic expects much from the re-launch of relations with the regional and local Puglian institutions and urges greater attention on behalf of Italian entrepreneurs who are "almost absent in the privatisation procedure that also involved the tourist accommodation sector, though Germans and Slovenians took action". Ivanisevic finally pointed out the positive results on the plan to re-launch the country's economy: "We have made important reforms which have attracted foreign capital and changed our country into an extremely interesting place for investors". (AGI) Lab