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DTT-NET.COM: Montenegro under heavy pressure by EU to postpone independence3 referendum

Published date: 21.11.2005 14:55 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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(Montenegro/Brussels, DTT-NET.COM)-Montenegro pro-independence government is under heavy pressure of European Union (EU) to postpone the referendum on the independence planed for spring 2006, and if the authorities would not concede, then the European bloc is trying to impose strict conditions related to the voting results. Serbia and Montenegro Deputy Foreign Minister Predrag Boskovic has told local media that Western powers are telling Montenegrin authorities that the state status should be considered only after the resolving of the Kosovo status. Boskovic has mentioned in this regards expecially EUs High Representative Javier Solana, who is the mastermind of the current state union between Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegrin leadership wants to break-up from the joint state with Serbia, sponsored three years ago by European Union (EU), which is pushing Podgorica authorities to postpone the referendum.Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has several times admitted that the EU has approached him about postponing the planned referendum for the independence of Montenegro. The Montenegrin Government has been planning to hold the referendum in April 2006, but the EU would like to see it pushed back to the early fall, as talks on Kosovo status are scheduled to begin soon. For EU it would represent a double task to deal at the same time with Kosovo talks and Montenegro.But Montenegro government says it will not back down from EU pressures and will pursue with the plans with referendum.According to the President of Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, Montenegro plans to complete its statehood by the end of April 2006.Its yet unclear whether Podgorica will concede the pressures of the EU. However EU has another alternative of preventing Montenegro leave the current union by trying to impose the rules of the referendum. A Leader of a Montenegrin non-governmental organisation has told local media that EU will accept referendum results only if a qualified majority of 55 or 60 has voted in favour of the independence.