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Daily Times - Lahore, Pakistan: 44 dead in Montenegro train crash

Published date: 25.01.2006 14:45 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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44 dead in Montenegro train crash

BIOCE: Forty-four people were killed and 135 injured when a packed passenger train derailed on Monday in one of the worst accidents ever in the tiny Balkan state of Montenegro, officials said.

This is not a final toll, warned deputy Prime Minister Miroslav Ivanisevic after an emergency session of the government.

Among the injured were 75 children, Ivanisevic said, adding that the government will use all possible means to investigate the accident. Earlier, Montenegrin state television reported that thirty people had been killed when the train travelling from the northern town of Bijelo Polje to the capital Podgorica derailed and rolled 30 metres down a ravine around 5pm. Montenegrin Interior Minister Jusuf Kalamperovic said brake failure was the suspected cause of the crash and announced

a thorough investigation would be conducted into the accident. The carriages plunged into a canyon of the river Moraca, some 15 kilometres north from Podogorica, probably due to a brake failure, Kaloperovic said.

Witnesses said about 300 people were on the train, among them many children returning from a ski trip in northern Montenegro.

The government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic held an emergency session to discuss the accident, proclaiming a three-day official mourning for the victims of the accident.