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DTT-NET. COM: Death toll at Montenegro train derailment rises to 43

Published date: 25.01.2006 15:17 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Death toll at Montenegro train derailment rises to 43

(Podgorica, DTT-NET.COM) The number of dead passengers when a train derailed on Monday evening near Montenegros capital Podgorica rise to 43 (5 children among them) and 198 injured, according to the medical authorities.

Around 17h (CET) a passenger train derailed at north of the capital. Four wagons of the train went down into the Canyon of Morava River. Brake failure is believed to be the cause of the tragic accident.

Some 300 passengers were in the train with dozens of children returning from a ski trip.

Podgorica hospital director Miodrag Djurovic told the media in a press conference that local media that 166 passengers are being treated in the capitals hospital, 32 children among them. Other injured are treated in other medical centers bringing the total number to 198. 50 passengers are suffering from heavy injures. He added that 82 passengers with minor injures have left the hospital and when home.

Montenegrin minister of communication and transport Andrija Lompar and two others highest officials in charge of railway transport have resigned after the tragic accident.

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic went to the scene of the accident. He proclaimed three-day mourning in the republic for the victims.