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United Press International, Inc.: Montenegro alone may move faster to EU

Published date: 31.05.2006 21:20 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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BRUSSELS, May 30 (UPI) -- An EU official says Montenegro, after seceding from union with Serbia, may conclude association agreement by the year's end.

Olli Rehn, EU enlargement commissioner said, "If negotiations continue as professionally and effectively as so far, then we should be able to conclude the negotiations by the end of the year on the stabilization and association agreement," the EU Observer reported.

Rehn made the comments Monday after meeting with Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in Brussels.

The European Union interrupted association talks with Serbia-Montenegro May 3 in protest of Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica's failure to arrest and war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic to a U.N. tribunal.

After Montenegro's independence referendum May 21, Serbia and Montenegro are to formally dissolve their union and the two states should have separate talks with the EU.

However, Serbia has to hand over Bosnian Serb leader Mladic to The Hague tribunal before Belgrade resumes EU association talks.