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News 24. com: Crucial step for Montenegro

Published date: 23.06.2006 12:40 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Crucial step for Montenegro
22/06/2006 19:20 - (SA)

Vienna - The newly independent state of Montenegro was accepted on Thursday as the 56th member of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation (OSCE).

With the agreement of the other 55 members, Montenegro's representative Vesko Garcevic took his seat in the Vienna-based OSCE Permanent Secretariat, the organisation's highest decision-making body.

Outside and inside the OSCE chambers in the Vienna Hofburg Palace, the Serbia-Montenegrin flag was replaced by the two flags of Serbia and Montenegro.

Montenegro, with a population of 620&nbps;000, recently held a referendum in which 55.5% voted for dissolution of the federation with Serbia. On July 3 the country declared its independence.

Serbia on its own, as legal successor to Serbia-Montenegro, is automatically an OSCE member.

Garcevic, up till now Serbia-Montenegrin ambassador to OSCE, said his new country's acceptance into the organisation was of great importance.

He said the process of "restoration of sovereignty" had been calm, democratic, and in accord with international standards. He pledged Montenegro would be a constructive and active partner in OSCE. - Sapa-dpa