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People`s Daily Online objavljuje: Montenegrin ruling coalition wins general elections

Published date: 13.09.2006 14:01 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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The ruling coalition led by Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has won the country's first general elections since declaring independence, Montenegro's election authorities said in the capital Podgorica on Tuesday.

The coalition of the Democratic Party of Socialists and the Social Democratic Party took 41 seats in the tiny republic's 81- seat parliament in Sunday's voting, the State Election Commission said.

The wafer-thin majority means Djukanovic - who led the Balkan republic to secede from the union with Serbia through a May independence referendum - can remain in power after 15 years of rule.

Two opposition pro-Serbian blocs together secured 23 seats, while the center-right party Movement for Change got 11 seats, according to the preliminary official count. The remaining six seats went to three parties representing ethnic-Albanians and Bosnian Muslims, the commission said.

About 70 percent of Montenegro's 485,000 eligible voters cast their ballots on Sunday.

Addressing his supporters on Monday, Djukanovic said "these elections have proved Montenegro is politically stable, firmly on the European tracks, with the authorities capable of making important steps toward European integrations."

The vote was key to Montenegro's aspirations of joining the European Union and NATO, as the new parliament will be charged with drafting a new constitution for the world's youngest country.

Montenegro declared independence in June, after its citizens voted for the split from Serbia by a slim margin, marking the final breakup of the six-republic Yugoslav federation.