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Local Government International Bureau: Vote winner

Published date: 13.09.2006 15:04 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has been confirmed as the winner of the country's first general election since independence was declared in May.

Mr Djukanovic's pro-EU coalition won 41 seats in the 81-seat assembly following Sunday's poll, election officials confirmed yesterday. The next biggest party is a new Serb grouping, which won 12 seats. Elections monitors said the vote was generally in line with international standards.

On claiming victory, Mr Djukanovic said the result was a "triumph of pro-European policy in Montenegro".

The former Yugoslav republic decided in a referendum in May to break away from its union with Serbia, and the election was seen a test of Mr Djukanovic's popularity in the wake of that landmark move.

The governing coalition has also promised to seek rapid integration within NATO, and to crack down on organised crime.