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Makfax online: Montenegro presented its tourism destinations to Macedonia

Published date: 12.04.2007 14:14 | Author: Kliping inostranih medija

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Montenegro presented its tourism destinations to Macedonia

Skopje /11/04/ 15:02

Macedonian tourists in Montenegro are not just common guests, but are also friends of Montenegro who will be always met with cordial welcome.

Montenegrin Minister of Tourism, Predrag Nenezic, said this today in Skopje at the promotion of Montenegro's tourism offer for the 2007 season.

Nenezic informed about the decision of his government to enable all citizens of the former Yugoslavia, including Macedonians, to enter Montenegro with ID cards only.

Montenegro is accessible to all citizens with its diverse offer of destinations, from the cheapest to the most luxurious arrangements.

At today's press conference, attended by the director of the National Tourist Organization, Sasha Radovic, and the Montenegrin Ambassador to Macedonia, Dushko Lalicevic, Montenegrin representatives said that the price of the accommodation in private rooms would range 4 to 10 euros, but on the other hand, highly luxurious apartments costing several hundreds of euros a day will be also available.

Nenezic briefed that the arrangement agreements containing the services offered to the tourist will be guaranteed. In case the tourist agencies fail to provide any of the services, a Montenegrin Bureau will refund the discontent tourists.

Besides the well-known destinations at the Adriatic, this year's offer comprises also attractive arrangements for alternative tourism, including mountain, river and lake tourism.

At the yesterday's reception set up in the Montenegrin Embassy, about 400 guests had an opportunity to get a taste of the traditional Montenegrin cousin.

Ambassador Lalicevic, who was formerly involved in tourist activities himself, presented the idea of including Macedonia, and Ohrid in particular, in the joint offer to be presented to the Russian tourists.

Montenegrin authorities have expressed interest to introduce a direct flight line Podgorica-Skopje and Tivat-Ohrid.

The second line would serve as a good basis for tourism development in both countries, because, according to Nenezic, Macedonia and especially Ohrid, becomes increasingly attractive destination for the Montenegrin citizens.