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Reuters: Montenegro became 192nd member of United Nations

After Serbia's U.N. envoy congratulated Montenegro, Vujanovic said he particularly wanted to develop close cooperation with Belgrade "in all spheres of common interest reflecting our social and historic ties."


New York Times: Savings by the Sea (for Now) in Montenegro

The World Cup match had hit a lull. Neither Argentina nor Serbia and Montenegro was able to penetrate the other's territory, and the crowd at Scorpio, an outdoor bar in the seaside Montenegrin town of Kotor, had started to discuss other subjects: real estate, girls, local hip-hop. I was beginning to understand why Americans are not big soccer fans. Then, out of nowhere, the ball skipped into the air and a player flew after it, one Adidas-clad foot extended. Goal!...


News 24. com: Crucial step for Montenegro

Vienna - The newly independent state of Montenegro was accepted on Thursday as the 56th member of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation (OSCE). With the agreement of the other 55 members, Montenegro's representative Vesko Garcevic took his seat in the Vienna-based OSCE Permanent Secretariat, the organisation's highest decision-making body...


Mainichi Daily News: Japan recognizes Montenegro as independent state

Montenegro declared independence June 3 following a May 21 referendum, in which a majority of voters supported its split-off from the union of Serbia-Montenegro, which was formed in 2003.More than 10 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China, have already recognized Montenegro as an independent state...


BBC: Montenegro gets Serb recognition

Serbia has recognised Montenegro as an independent state, after the country's vote to break away from Belgrade...


Southeast European Times: Serbia recognises Montenegro

BELGRADE, Serbia -- The Serbian government has adopted a decision recognising the Republic of Montenegro, an official press release said Thursday (15 June). Conditions have been fulfilled for the establishment of diplomatic ties "which will contribute to the development of friendly and good-neighbourly relations", it said. The government also approved extending Serbian citizenship to Montenegrin citizens who have places of residence in Serbia...

15.06.2006. recognizes Montenegro, offers friendship

Serbia finally recognized Montenegro's independence on Thursday almost a month after its old partner voted in a referendum to dissolve their joint state. Despite the delay, Belgrade indicated the separation would be friendly, in line with Western hopes.


The Slovak Spectator: Slovakia recognises Montenegro as independent state

Slovakia officially recognised Montenegro as an independent state on June 13, one day after the EU did so. "In line with international practices and based on the results of a democratic referendum, Slovakia recognises an independent and sovereign Montenegro along with all the rights and obligations arising from this," stated the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry...


New York Times /Reuters/: US Recognizes Montenegro's Independence After Vote

The United States recognized on Tuesday the independence of Montenegro, helping cement the international community's acceptance of a referendum last month in favor of its breakaway from a union with Serbia.


The Washington Times: U.S. formally recognizes Montenegro

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a statement Tuesday, said, "We congratulate the people of Montenegro for the peaceful and democratic manner in which they conducted their May 21 vote on independence."...