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Ireland On-Line: Croatia recognises Montenegro

Croatia today recognised independent Montenegro, 15 years after they fought a bloody war. The government of Croatia recognises Montenegro as a sovereign and independent state, the Cabinet said, making Croatia one of the first nations to recognise Montenegro, following its May 21 referendum of independence...


DTT-NET.COM: Iceland is the first country which has recognised the new state of Montenegro

On behalf of the Government of Iceland I have the honour to communicate to you the recognition by Iceland of the republic of Montenegro as a sovereign and independent State Iceland* s foreign minister H.E. Mr. Geir H. Haarde, wrote in a letter send to his Montenegrin counterpart Miodrag Vlahovic on Thursday...


Reuters: UNHCR to help independent Montenegro solve refugee problems

The UNHCR will continue to help newly independent Montenegro look after thousand of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) and improve its asylum mechanism. The pledge came during a visit late last week to the Montenegrin capital Podgorica by Udo Janz, deputy director of UNHCR's Europe Bureau...


Pravda.Ru - Montenegro: Prime Minister is confident of EU membership after independence referendum

Meeting with top EU officials on his first foreign trip since Montenegrins voted to split from their union with Serbia, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic reiterated that Montenegro's goal was full EU membership...


Guardian: Montenegro is back on the map, and it need not become Ruritania

On May 21, 86% of the 484,720 people on the newly cleansed Montenegrin electoral register (described by the OSCE as the best in Montenegrin history) turned out to vote in a referendum - and 55.53% of them chose independence. According to rules embraced by Montenegro, under pressure from the EU, a majority of 55% on a turnout exceeding 50% was needed for the vote to be valid. So they just scraped through. You may well ask by what right the EU, whose Maastricht treaty was passed by a majority of just 51% in a referendum in France, imposed this 55% hurdle on Montenegro. In the event, the effect was positive, for it meant that the mainly Serbian opponents of independence participated fully in the voting, believing that they could win. It will now be harder for Serbs to question the result's legitimacy...


People's Daily Online - FM spokesman: China respects Montenegro's referendum resultrezultat crnogorskog referenduma

China respects the choice of Montenegrin people and respects the final results of the referendum, said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao Thursday in Beijing. The Republican Referendum Commission officially confirmed on Wednesday the final results of the referendum held on May 21...


United Press International, Inc.: Montenegro alone may move faster to EU

An EU official says Montenegro, after seceding from union with Serbia, may conclude association agreement by the year's end...


aKI: Montenegro: Official Results Confirm Independence

Montenegro's referendum commission confirmed on Wednesday the official results for the country's 21 May plebiscite on independence from Serbia. According to final official results, a total 230,661 out of 419,240 Montenegrins who cast valid ballots - or 55.5 percent of the turnout - backed independence. The final results surpassed the 55 percent target majority set by the European Union for recognition of the result, Commission head Frantisek Lipka of Slovakia said...


Southeast European Times: Montenegro named a top destination for tourism

Antonela Arhin za Southeast European Times 29/05/06
US Travel & Leisure magazine has named Montenegro as one of the hot spots for vacationers this year. Podgorica's campaign to attract tourists could pay off this summer. Travelling to Europe has grown progressively in the last few years, and the trend is expected to increase this year as well. After being named a top destination for travel, Montenegro is planning for a summer influx of tourists...

26.05.2006. Hard work could see tiny nation realise EU dream

As more than half of Montenegrins recognised, they had nothing to gain from staying hitched to Serbia as part of the glowering rump of Yugoslavia. With 10 times the population, none of the scenery or coastline, and the lion's share of diplomatic troubles, Serbia was dragging Montenegro back...