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17.04.2006. adopts declaration of relationship with Serbia

Montenegrin Government adopted a Declaration on relationship with Serbia after the referendum, stated Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. In his short address to reporters after the session of the Government, Djukanovic said that Montenegro would guarantee citizens of Serbia all present rights, except for voting rights, reports Serbia and Montenegro Today...


ReliefWeb /AFP/: Montenegro promises "friendly relations" with Serbia

The government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic adopted a declaration on future ties with Serbia, saying that Montenegro "is ready to develop and promote political, economic, security and cultural cooperation with Serbia after gaining independence," a statement said.


Southeast European Times: Montenegro readies for May referendum

As Montenegro gears up for a referendum that will decide whether it becomes independent or remains part of a state union with Serbia, considerable suspense surrounds the outcome. Although polls show supporters of independence outnumber opponents, it remains to be seen if the "yes" vote will pass the required threshold...

20.03.2006. Montenegrin PM confirm desire for cooperation in region

During talks in Podgorica on Saturday, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his counterpart from FYROM, Vlado Buckovski, called for greater regional co-operation...


Travel Daily News: Tourism sector in Montenegro continues its steady growth

REPORT - ITB 2006, BERLIN: Just two years after the inception of a tourism masterplan in the European country of Montenegro, the sector reports considerable advances. Visitors from EU countries increased by an average of 15% in 2003 and 2004, and the summer months of 2005 saw visits from France increase six-fold and from Finland ten-fold, while arrivals from Italy were up 66%, Austria 58%, and Russia 99%...


Premier ministre de la République du Monténégro per Le Point: "L'indépendance favorisera notre développement"

Le Point:Pourquoi avez-vous décidé d'organiser un référendum sur l'indépendance du Monténégro le 21 mai ?
Djukanovic:Parce que les Monténégrins doivent pouvoir décider de leur avenir:soit notre république poursuit le partenariat souple qui l'unit depuis trois ans à la Serbie, soit elle prend son indépendance..."/


Transitions online: The Arithmetic of Secession

Montenegro agrees to EU proposals to ensure the legitimacy of its May referendum on independence but it had little choice.../by Aida Ramusovic/


Southeast European Times: Montenegrins to decide republic's future in 21 May referendum

Montenegrin voters are to decide in a referendum on 21 May whether the Adriatic republic should become independent or remain part of a loose union with Serbia...


International Herald Tribune:With referendum date set, Montenegro looks ahead

"Yes, I can see that having yet another small state complicates decisions in large groups like the European Union," Djukanovic said in an interview. "But I am also certain that the people of Montenegro have a right to decide their future and we will be better off independent."
EU membership, which Djukanovic termed a high priority for Montenegro, will come faster with independence, he said...


BBC News: Montenegro backs referendum plans

Montenegro's parliament has unanimously agreed to hold a referendum on independence from Serbia on 21 May. The agreement, brokered by the European Union, follows months of wrangling between the pro-independence governing coalition and the opposition...