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Financial Times: Montenegro

Many Montenegrins wonder what kind of world they will wake up to if, as their political leaders expect, their small former Yugoslav republic next year declares full independence from neighbouring Serbia...Download


Associated Press: U.S will give Montenegro relationship with Serbia high priority, Montenegro's foreign minister said

Washington - Montenegro's foreign minister said on Tuesday that State Department officials assured him they will devote full attention to the Balkan republic's efforts to resolve problems in its relationship with Serbia...


The New York Times: Up at Tito's Villa

Montenegro is heartbreakingly beautiful: jagged Adriatic coastline; empty beaches; fierce canyons carved out of mountains; tiny fishing communities where families have not altered the pace of their lives for hundreds of years, despite wars, dictators and sanctions. There are former Venetian cities and sacred monasteries teetering on mountaintops where the monks invite you to lunch. There is shellfish risotto and broiled lobster and good Montenegrin cabernet. There is a lethargy that is deeply Mediterranean. And the weather is a capsule of sunlight in an otherwise darkened Europe...


Ireland on line: New investors wanted for resort of the stars

Montenegros government is looking to lease the exclusive Sveti Stefan resort on the Adriatic Sea, a former summer mecca for Hollywood stars that has fallen into decline since the Balkan wars of the 1990s...

07.04.2005. Matav Rt. Officially Takes Over Telekom

Associated Press

The Hungary-based Matav Rt. took over Montenegro's telecommunications company Wednesday at an inaugural shareholders' meeting that also selected a new management, officials said...


Russian News & Information Agency /RIA/: Premier of Montenegro points out at growing interest of Russian business in the Republic

Recently, we are noticing a growing interest toward Montenegro on the part of Russian tourists and business, stated Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic in an interview with RIA Novosti...


Russian News & Information Agency /RIA/: Prime Minister of Montenegro: Association of Serbia and Montenegro does not have a future

The association of Serbia and Montenegro does not have a historical perspective and it is not a perfect solution either for Montenegro, or for Serbia, announced Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic in an interview with RIA Novosti...


Southeast European Times: Montenegrin Foreign Minister Seeks to Boost Regional Ties

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Miodrag Vlahovic's visits to Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina last month focused on the need for closer co-operation between the former Yugoslav countries...


Tech Central Station: The Full Montenegro

The success of small countries with free economies is not a new phenomenon. Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg and Switzerland always come at or near the top of indices of economic freedom and are all very wealthy. Indeed, on a per capita basis, 9 of the 10 wealthiest countries have a population smaller than eight million (the only exception is the United States). Recently Ireland, Iceland and Estonia have been added to the list of fast growing small countries...


The Scotsman: The full Montenegro


"IF YOU IRONED MONTENEGRO, it would be as big as Russia," says Diki Kazamebra, one of a new breed of entrepreneurs trying to build a tourist industry in the tiny former Yugoslav Republic...