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Montenegro hoisted a red flag emblazoned with a double-headed eagle above its Parliament building for the first time since it lost independence in 1918. The ceremony, underscoring Montenegro's intention to become independent of Serbia, took place three days after Parliament passed a law reintroducing the flag Montenegro used when it was a sovereign state from 1878 to 1918...



Lawmakers adopted a new flag, national anthem and statehood day, as part of the Balkan republic's drive for independence from Serbia. Serbia and Montenegro stayed together after Yugoslavia broke up in 1991, but relations worsened and the truncated country was transformed last year into a loose union. (AP)...


Economy: The costs and benefits of union, by Eric Jansson, published in Financial Times, June 29 2004

Gordana Djurovic, the minister of European integration and international economic relations, who was recruited into the government earlier this year from the University of Podgorica's economics faculty, has taken on the critically important brief of helping Montenegro to court the European Union while peddling a cold, rational case for scrapping the union with Serbia...


CSIS: U.S. - Montenegrin Policy Forum

Montenegro Approaching Decision Time

by Janusz Bugajski

The "final status" of Montenegro and Serbia will be settled by early 2006 and decisions on the timetable will be made during the coming year. The EU-imposed moratorium on independence is due to expire in February 2006 and preparations will soon be made to move forward on statehood...Download

17.05.2004. - Ministry of Education, PRONI and CRS to Develop National Youth Action Plan

On May 11, 2004, Minister of Education and Science, Slobodan Backovic, hosted a meeting that discussed the preparation of National Youth Action Plan for Montenegro...


Boro Vucinic, Minister of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning: Cape Arza is Safe

Decontamination of Cape Arza, which was polluted by uranium material, is competed and the location is completely secure, from the aspect of danger to the environment and the health of people, said Boro Vucinic, Minister of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning of Montenegro at the press conference yesterday...


ITAR-TASS NEWS AGENCY: Russia, Montenegro wish to develop economic cooperation

PODGORICA (Montenegro), March 23 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia and Montenegro wish to develop economic cooperation, Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies Sergei Shoigu said after Tuesday negotiations with Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic...


Visite de travail de Milo Djukanovic, Premier ministre de la République du Monténégro

Le 4 mars 2004, le Premier ministre de la République du Monténégro, Milo Djukanovic, était en visite de travail au Luxembourg.
Lentrevue avec le Premier ministre Jean-Claude Juncker a porté sur les relations bilatérales, la situation économique et politique au Monténégro et les perspectives européennes de la république. Les problćmes de la région des Balkans, notamment du Kosovo, ainsi que les spécificités du Monténégro furent aussi abordés...



Prime Minister djukanovic gave an interview for the magazine Winne

We want to strengthen the confidence of foreign investors through the legal system. In Montenegro, investments are safe and the ownership is protected by the Constitution...