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Statement by Enlargement Commissioner Olli REHN on the elections in Montenegro

I welcome the peaceful and orderly conduct of yesterday's parliamentary elections in Montenegro, as confirmed by the election observation mission of OSCE-ODIHR. While there have not been any major problems in the conduct of the elections, I expect Montenegro to address all pending issues including legal inconsistencies in the legislative framework for the elections in line with the recommendations of OSCE-ODIHR...

Statement by Enlargement Commissioner Olli REHN on the elections in Montenegro


Rehn says Montenegro quickly moving towards EU accession

Montenegro is efficiently fulfilling its Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU and is quickly moving towards accession, EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said in Brussels on Sunday (March 22nd) after a meeting with Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Rocen. Montenegro has strengthened its administrative capacity, implemented legal reforms and undertook efforts to combat organised crime and corruption, said Rehn to TV Crna Gora. "It is encouraging that the government, all political parties, the society and the social partners are committed to Montenegro's European integration," Rehn said. (Mina, Vijesti, TV Crna Gora, MIA - 22/03/09)...

Rehn says Montenegro quickly moving towards EU accession


International Herald Tribune: Italy to boost economic ties with Montenegro

PODGORICA, Montenegro: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says Italy will boost economic ties with tiny Montenegro. Berlusconi says there is "wide space" for Italian businessmen to invest in the Adriatic country, particularly in the energy and transportation sectors...

Italy to boost economic ties with Montenegro


Why bigger can be better: the case for EU enlargement

Five years ago the European Union expanded overnight. The accession of 10 new member states on May 1 2004 brought the phenomenon of the Polish plumber to the UK and created the largest integrated economic area in the world, with borders to Belarus, Ukraine and the Black Sea. British Governments of both colours have been strong supporters of EU enlargement because it has been understood across the political divide that enlargement benefited existing EU member states as well as the peoples of the candidate countries...


Orascom Development Holding AG Press Release

In my interview with Bloomberg on the 29th of January my views on the prospects for tourism and real estate as well as the plans of Orascom Hotels and Development were discussed in a broad manner. As we shifted from country to country and from real estate to tourism, my response to the negative trend in tourism arrivals expected in Montenegro due to the global crisis prompted me to reply that we would not be selling rooms in our hotels in Montenegro before two to three years ((as they wont be built in less time)) and therefore we do not expect the current crisis to affect our plans...


Minister Gaspari ob predložitvi kandidature Črne gore za članstvo v EU

Slovenija pozdravlja kandidaturo Črne gore za članstvo v Evropski uniji. Gre za pomemben mejnik v procesu približevanja držav Zahodnega Balkana evropskim integracijam, saj je po skoraj petih letih premora država z Zahodnega Balkana vložila prošnjo za članstvo v Evropski uniji. Je tudi dokaz, da se proces širitve na Zahodni Balkan nadaljuje...


Le Figaro: Podgorica ne veut plus que sa marche vers l'Europe soit ralentie par la Serbie

Isabelle Lasserre


Deux ans seulement aprćs son indépendance, le petit Monténégro -650 000 habitants- a déposé lundi sa candidature officielle d'adhésion à l'Union europé­enne auprćs de Nicolas Sarkozy. Une étape prévue de longue date, mais que Milo Djukanovic tenait à officialiser avant la fin de la présidence française. "La France, explique le premier ministre monténégrin, est l'un des grands pays qui ont porté l'idée d'unification européenne. Il était important pour nous que ce rapprochement s'effectue sous sa présidence"...


Euronews: Montenegro formally bids to join EU

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has made formal presentation for Montenegro to join the European Union. The country of 650,000 people on the Adriatic Sea put in its bid to France, the presiding nation of the EU until the end of this year. Montenegros move is expected to encourage Balkan neighbours Albania and Serbia to file EU applications...

Montenegro formally bids to join EU


Europe's Lack of Strategic Ambition

Russia's invasion of Georgia has once again revealed the European Union's central foreign policy flaw: While the EU is good at managing crises, it has hardly ever solved one.
The weakness of Europe's so-called Common Foreign and Security Policy stems from a lack of strategic focus and ambition. Take Montenegro, for instance. This small former Yugoslav republic has much in common with Georgia -- and not just the good wine, tasty food and great coastlines...


Time: Tivat - The Next Monaco

The old Yugoslav naval base at Tivat on the coast of Montenegro is a derelict place. Colossal jetties stretch out from an abandoned work yard piled with crumbling concrete, twisted metal rods and broken glass. In one corner, a Cold War-era submarine, its giant propeller exposed to the summer winds, is being slowly dismantled by a local crew in flip-flops. The berths are fouled with paint chips and rusted metal, and until a recent scavenging operation, explosives lay on the seabed...