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DPM Simović: Beekeeping sector is richer for 121 young beekeepers who receive 363 bee communities

DPM Simović: Beekeeping sector is richer for 121 young beekeepers who receive 363 bee communities
Published date 18.06.2018 15:00 | Author PR Service

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DPM Simović:  Beekeeping sector is richer for 121 young beekeepers who receive 363 bee communities
Danilovgad, Montenegro (18 June 2018)--121 youngsters from different parts of Montenegro got three hives with established bee colonies through the Public Invitation for the grant of support for young beekeepers-beginners for 2018, which is being implemented this year through Agro Budget.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Milutin Simović presented the contracts for support to young beekeepers today in the House of Honey in Danilovgrad. DPM Simović was pleased to see the beekeeping sector become richer for 121 young beekeepers, who receive 363 bee communities.
DPM Simović expressed expectation that users of this support will feel the value of the commitment to deal with beekeeping. "I expect that in time they will become record holders, so in beekeeping they will recognise the chance for business and for good earnings. Be worthy, dedicated, be persistent - results will not be absent, " DPM Simović told to young beekeepers.
The programme of support for young beekeepers, with the support of young farmers for two years, as well as the additional support received by young producers in all the Ministry's support programmes, according to DPM Simović, are part of the overall Government measures to support the growth of the competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy, as well as support for the employment , especially  for the employment of young people.
The best years for beekeeping in the past two decades
The grant of support to young beekeepers for this year was an opportunity to share the pleasure of a good year for beekeeping.
"It is a special pleasure that today we can announce together that this is a record year for our beekeeping - the best in the last 20 years. Let us rejoice together and rejoice in the unrepeatable gifts of our nature and the valuable work of all our beekeepers. I congratulate all the beekeepers who, with their work, by their denial, with their investments and patience, welcomed the fruitful year after a series of scarce ones. As in any business, the persistence gave the result, " DPM Simović said.
DPM Simović reminded that last year, in an exceptionally difficult year, representatives of the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Beekeeping Associations agreed and jointly implemented an extraordinary measure of support for bee-keeping and ensured the successful survival of bee-keeping societies. ''Our understanding, our agreement, our partnership have yielded results," DPM Simović said, stressing that in the future, the Government will, in close communication with all agricultural producers and associations, create support measures and help them to meet the numerous challenges that valuable farmers face.
Together, as partners in good communication to overcome the challenges
Speaking of challenges, DPM Simović recalled that this year, by the decision of the United Nations, was proclaimed and the first time marked the World Bee Day - May 20th.
"This made a clear message about the significance of bees for sustainable agriculture and food safety. 1/3 of world food production depends on bees. A strong joint action at the national, regional and global level is necessary in order to protect bees and support beekeeping. Common challenges require common answers. Answers based on new knowledge, best practices and community. That's why we are demonstrating in the House of Honey today the Accession of the Government , Association of Beekeeping Organisations of Montenegro, young beekeepers, professional services, local authorities, "DPM Simović underlined. 
Acknowledging the great interest of young people to deal with beekeeping and the importance of support they have from the state and local levels were given by the representatives of young beekeepers of the beneficiaries of the programme of support of the Municipality of Pljevlja as well as the beneficiaries through the cross-border cooperation project between Serbia and Montenegro. Ana Radenović, Danilo Kušljević and Radosav Zečević expressed their gratitude for the support they receive from the Ministry and at the local level, which gives them a significant impetus for further work.
On behalf of the Municipality of Danilovgrad, the President of the Municipality, Branislav Đuranović, addressed the audience and on this occasion expressed his satisfaction because the House of Honey justified the purpose. Đuranović emphasized the good cooperation of the municipality with the Ministry, in the activities on creating good conditions for the development of agriculture and entrepreneurship. President of the Union of Beekeeping Organisations of Montenegro, Radule Miljanić, also addressed the participants.
The House of Honey will be richer for the modern honey packing line
DPM Simović said that in the continuation of today's programme at the House of Honey, he will hold a meeting with members of the Managing Board of the Association of Beekeeping Organisations, who will analyse the level of realisation of last year's agreements and define new joint activities and arrangements.
"I can already announce that House of Honey will soon be richer for the latest honey packaging line, which will be available to all beekeepers in Montenegro. A quality and recognisable Montenegrin honey will be adequately packaged and offered on local, regional and wider markets. We will come together to give an even stronger answer in relation to the issue of the quality of honey appearing on the domestic market, how to deal with all those who try to counteract Montenegrin honey and unfairly compete with our beekeepers. We will arrange how to protect it so that it truly is food and medicine.  We prepare the answer, through the equipping of a modern laboratory that will also be available to our beekeepers. We will also discuss how to expand the House of Honey and here we will organise a modern centre for the selection of queen bees, where we will have educated people, protection of the genetic potential of our Montenegrin queen bee, "DPM Simović stressed. ''It is a lot of work ahead of us, but I am sure that we will succeed with this approach - access to community, partnership, communication, obligations in relation to the given word, with the spread of a strong front of beekeepers, especially young beekeepers," DPM  Simović concluded.