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PM Marković hosts leadership of Podgorica: Around EUR 200 million of investments for better life of citizens of Podgorica

PM Marković hosts leadership of Podgorica: Around EUR 200 million of investments for better life of citizens of Podgorica
Published date 18.12.2018 13:11 | Author PR Service

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PHOTO: PM Marković hosts leadership of Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegro (18 December 2018) – Prime Minister Duško Marković hosted earlier today the leadership of the Capital City led by Mayor Ivan Vuković. The meeting emphasized that Podgorica will surely have a great development expansion in the next period, which will contribute to investments of at least EUR 200 million in the next four years, which will ensure a higher quality of life of citizens.

Prime Minister Marković congratulated the upcoming Day of Capital City to the citizens and local leadership, stressing that Podgorica follows dynamic development at the state level. The meeting paid special attention to projects worth tens of millions of euros, which are primarily related to road and communal infrastructure as key preconditions for development.

The Mayor informed about the progress in projects related to the bypasses around the city, expressing expectation that the next year will start with the construction of a wastewater treatment plant. Furthermore, he pointed to new projects such as solar power plant and electricity production from bio gas.

"We look forward to numerous activities of the Government on capital projects, which will benefit the Capital as well. Particularly important and binding project is the boulevard towards Danilovgrad," Vuković said, stressing that the Government's support was crucial for implementation of numerous extremely important projects.

PM Marković said that Podgorica can expect benefits from announced investments in the revitalisation of the electricity network, as well as from the planned airport valorisation. The challenges on complex projects such as the boulevard through Donja Gorica were also discussed, as well as the need to improve communal order and cleanliness on the entire territory of the city.

Both sides assessed that changes to several laws currently in place will give an additional incentive for development, which should contribute to a better collection of local revenues. The Prime Minister pointed to the new Law on Local Government Finance, whose adoption is expected in the Parliament of Montenegro, through which EUR 14 million will be allocated to municipalities.

"This solution will give municipalities more opportunities to consolidate finances, but also to focus on development projects," Prime Minister Marković said.

President of the Local Assembly of the Capital City Đorđe Suhih assessed the work in the local parliament as constructive.