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Contracts with intermediary agents signed

Published date 27.05.2019 17:13 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 May 2019) -- Secretariat for Development Projects was designated under the Government's Decision on criteria, method and procedure for selection of persons who may acquire Montenegrin citizenship by admission for the purpose of implementation of special investment programme of particular importance for the business and economic interest of Montenegro ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 79/18) as the competent authority for the implementation of the Development Programme for Acquisition of Montenegrin Citizenship by Admission for Investment Purposes.

Pursuant to the above Decision, the Secretariat for Development Projects announced a public call for the selection of intermediary agents on 3 January 2019. Twenty-one timely applications and one untimely application were submitted at the public call.

Having assessed the correctness of the applications, the Secretariat passed on 13 March 2019 the Decision that the applications of the following applicants were assessed as correct:


"ARTON GROUP" GmbH Austria;


Pursuant to the Decision, the Secretariat had prepared the Draft Contracts on the provision of services for Intermediary Agents in the implementation of a special investment program of particular importance for the business and economic interest of Montenegro, which the Government of Montenegro accepted and authorised Dejan Medojević, Secretary of the Secretariat for Development Projects of the Government, to sign the contracts.

Contracts with "ARTON GROUP" GmbH Austria and "HENLEY & PARTNERS GOVERNMENT SERVICES" LTD Jersey have been signed signed today, whereas the contract with the "APEX CAPITAL PARTNERS" DOO Podgorica will be signed next week.

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The signing of the contracts creates the preconditions for issuing licenses, that is, the selected agents have the obligation to pay an annual fee of EUR 50,000 in favour of the budget of Montenegro, after which they are going to be granted licenses, and only as licensed agents they will be able to perform their activities under this programme.