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PM Marković in Plav: In next mandate, we will start works on road to Dečani and on recultivation of Lake Plav

PM Marković in Plav: In next mandate, we will start works on road to Dečani and on recultivation of Lake Plav
Published date 06.08.2020 14:45 | Author PR Service

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Plav, Montenegro (6 August 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković opened earlier today the renovated town square in Plav, visited several construction sites of infrastructure facilities and for the next mandate announced the beginning on the construction of the road from Plav towards Dečani in Kosovo, worth between EUR 15 million and EUR 20 million.

"I express my satisfaction with what we have done in the previous three and a half years here in Plav, in terms of the development of the overall road and communal infrastructure. Here we have concluded over EUR eight million of contracts for the development of Plav and its infrastructure. So far, EUR 5.2 million have been spent. Prnjavorska Street, Ribarska Street, were completed and put into operation, the first section of one kilometre road Plav - Vojno selo was completed, the road in the length of over three kilometres on the Plav side was breached and prepared for asphalting in the next 10-15 days. Therefore, an intensive activity here in Plav, on the development of communal infrastructure and improvement of living conditions in Plav itself," said the Prime Minister.

For the next mandate, the Prime Minister announced two capital projects of great significance for this region and for the whole of Montenegro.

"The message to the citizens of Plav is that in the following mandate, in the next four years, we want to realize two major, important projects that are crucial for Plav, for the citizens of Plav, for their quality of life, for opening Plav and of course for the whole of Montenegro and its economy. It is the construction of the Plav Dečani road. We are working together with the Government of Kosovo on this. The Government of Kosovo has completed a significant part of the activities on their part. We are in the final stages of making the main project. The value of this investment is over EUR 15 million - approximately between EUR 15 million and EUR 20 million, and I expect that next year we will start work and of course agree with the Government of Kosovo to jointly finance the most valuable investment on this road - the tunnel that will open the municipality of Plav, open mountain Bogćevica, open Montenegro and provide immeasurable opportunities for Montenegro and for young people. The recultivation of Lake Plav is another important project. The Mayor of the municipality, his team, me and my associates want to create in the next year, the conditions for the protection of the Lake Plav and its full valorization next year. So there are really serious investments in Plav, there is a serious development perspective before Plav, now it is up to us, to the Municipality, the Government but also to the citizens of Plav, to jointly focus on our opportunities and to use them in the next four years, in the best possible way for the quality of life, for the local economy in Plav and of course for Montenegro and its economy," said the Prime Minister.

In addition to the Prime Minister, the working visit in Plav was also attended by Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić and Director of the Public Works Administration Rešad Nuhodžić