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National Coordination Body urges citizens to consistently comply with measures, Montenegrin health system keeps situation under control

National Coordination Body urges citizens to consistently comply with measures, Montenegrin health system keeps situation under control
Published date 11.09.2020 16:10 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 September 2020) -- The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, at today’s session chaired by President Milutin Simović, considered the actual epidemiological situation and urged citizens to consistently comply with measures and the competent institutions to strengthen supervision and control so the restrictive measures would not have to be introduced, especially to municipalities with a high degree of local transmission. 

Noting that easing of measures and liberalisation of crossing the state border in all countries, including Montenegro have brought to worsening the epidemiological situation, the National Coordination Body noted with concern that measures in force are not complied with. Reminding that all the actual epidemiological measures are adopted at the suggestion of the Public Health Institute with the aim of protecting lives and health of citizens, the National Coordination Body urges all citizens to consistently comply with measures and reminds competent institutions of both state and local authorities, public institutions, companies of their legal obligations and the competent supervision authorities to strengthen supervision and control over compliance with prescribed measures. If non – compliance with measures results in further worsening of the epidemiological situation, the Public Health Institute will propose to the National Coordination Body to introduce restrictive measures, particularly to municipalities with a high level of local transmission.
The session noted that the health system of Montenegro fully keeps situation under control, in spite of the growth in number of infected. At the moment, Montenegro has at its disposal 549 free hospital beds, 260 installed ventilators and 62 in reserve for SARS–Cov-2 patients, which guarantees successful coping with the infection in the future as well. 

The National Coordination Body noted that the Public Health Institute has timely envisaged to the Ministry of Education all the recommendations regarding the beginning of the school year and that the Government, within the measures, provided funds for payment of paid leave of parents having children under 11 years of age and that the adoption of the School calendar by the Ministry of Education creates formal prerequisites for payments. 

The Report of the Administration for Inspection Affairs on controls conducted since 17 July to 31 August was considered, which stated that in the reported period 14,009 controls were preformed, six requests for initiating misdemeanour proceedings were submitted and that 84 misdemeanour orders in the amount of EUR 88.050, 00 were issued. 

The National Coordination Body adopted 16th Report of the Operational Staff for Donations Management on the account balance and outflows from the account. 

According to data from the opening of the account on 19 March 2020 to 11 September 2020 at 9 a.m., the total inflows from the country and abroad amounted to EUR 8,157,589.12 and $ 75, 971.72 and the total outflows amounted to EUR 2,958,869.13. Accordingly, the National Coordination Body's account balance is EUR 5,198, 719.99. (An overview of outflows by week, you can downloaded here.)