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Air Force of Armed Forces of Montenegro is stronger for another helicopter

Air Force of Armed Forces of Montenegro is stronger for another helicopter
Published date 15.09.2020 18:00 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (15 September 2020) -- At the military airport 'Knjaz Danilo' in Podgorica, a new helicopter of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, BELL 505 Jet Ranger X landed earlier today. It is a modern aircraft, equipped with the latest technology.

On that occasion, Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković said that it was a great pleasure to be at the airport and see in action what had been done in the previous four years. ‘I thank everyone, first of all the members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro for their committed attitude towards forming the army in a quality and modern way, as well as to everyone who managed to catch up in a very brief period of time, with what was a decades-long delay in modernization. Gratitude to the partners who made an immeasurable contribution, so today we can say that the Armed Forces of Montenegro both materially and organizationally looks significantly different than four years ago,' said Bošković and added that without their aid and expertise, this would not be possible to do effectively and in the short term. 

The Minister also recalled of what the Government of Montenegro has done when it comes to our armed forces, related to restoring the reputation of the military profession in Montenegro. This is supported by the fact that the Armed Forces of Montenegro is the most trusted institution in the country. 'In the past four years alone, the Government allocated over EUR 120 million to modernize the armed forces. We have provided over EUR 30 million for three BELL 412 helicopters. EUR six million was allocated for two BELL 505 helicopters and two more provided for in the strategic documents, while about EUR 70 million has been allocated for armoured vehicles. For the reconstruction of certain funds that we had in our possession, first of all I mean the Navy, several million euros were allocated,' said Bošković and pointed out that the focus was not only placed on the modernization of the armed forces. 'We worked diligently to create preconditions not to be embarrassed from the aspect of social status after the end of the mandate, for everything that has been done for each member of the Armed Forces of Montenegro in the domain of better organization, enabling progress, as well as the housing issues. All this shows that we had a successful mandate,' said Bošković.

The Minister emphasised his hope that the Ministry of Defence would remain consistent with the European and Euro-Atlantic principles, that it would participate equally, as before, in international missions and operations, with the aim of contributing to the implementation of peace and security in the world. Bošković thanked everyone, hoping that the other three BELL helicopters will come to Montenegro, as provided for in the strategic documents - one at the beginning of next year, and another two after the conclusion of administrative procedures in 2021.

The handover of the helicopter was also attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Major General Dragutin Dakić, the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Lieutenant Colonel Bojan Blagojević and associates, Canadian Ambassador to Montenegro Katie Chaba, US Deputy Ambassador Chris Karber and representatives of the BELL Company.

The helicopter arrived from Prague, where the technical acceptance was completed in July. With a speed of 232 km/h and a payload of 680 kg, the BELL 505 is designed to be safe and easy to fly. Design puts safety, performance and affordability at the forefront, combining test systems with advanced technology and a sleek, modern look.

According to the leading people from that company, the BELL 505 records a huge success in Europe and other parts of the world. The aircraft includes a high-tech cockpit and a flexible cabin design, which makes it extremely cost-competitive and capable of all challenges. 

We recall that at the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Defence signed an interstate contract with the Canadian Commercial Corporation 'CCC' for the purchase of two helicopters BELL 505 Jet Ranger X. The second helicopter should arrive in Montenegro at the beginning of 2021. The total value of the procurement is EUR 3,267,234.77. Part of the contract is the training of three pilots of the Air Force of the Montenegrin Armed Forces, who completed it in France, as well as the training of two aeronautical engineers and three technicians in Prague.

On that occasion, the video entitled 'Masters of the Montenegrin Sky' was shown at the military airport 'Knjaz Danilo,in which we talk about their noble profession, which is the dream of many children. Three pilots of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, namely Bojan Popadić, Jovan Radeta and Darko Pavlović remember their beginnings and challenges, but also talk about their great love for that job.

Bureau for Public Relations of the Ministry of Defence