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National Coordination Body: Traffic light principle is being abandoned, unified measures for whole of Montenegro as of Sunday

National Coordination Body: Traffic light principle is being abandoned, unified measures for whole of Montenegro as of Sunday
Published date 13.11.2020 19:38 | Author PR Service

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The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases decided today, at a session chaired by its Vice President Dr. Kenan Hrapović, to abolish the current traffic light system on Saturday, 14 November at midnight and to introduce unified epidemiological measures throughout the country as of Sunday at midnight.

At the proposal of the Public Health Institute of Montenegro:

1. It is forbidden to leave the dwelling facilities from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., except for special categories (work, health and humanitarian reasons, etc.);

2. A maximum of four persons are allowed to be together in open spaces;

3. Travel between local self-government units on weekends is prohibited (except for economic activities, health and humanitarian reasons);

4. Religious gatherings, weddings, and all private celebrations are forbidden;

5. Rites are allowed in religious buildings in the presence of priests, but without the presence of believers;

6. The work of retail trade and hospitality facilities is limited to the period from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with precisely defined measures and the appointment of a person responsible for the implementation and control of the implementation of measures whose name is clearly displayed at the entrance to the facility;

7. Hospitality facilities - special measures to prevent and minimize the risk, mandatory mask wearing for guests and staff, disinfectants on each table, mandatory hand disinfection at the exit and entrance, barriers between tables within the facility, maximum number of people at the same table is four, with the distance between persons in all directions of at least two meters, on terraces and gardens a maximum of four people may sit at the table, the distance between tables of at least two meters; catering and food delivery services until 10 p.m.; minors unaccompanied by their parents are prohibited from staying in hospitality facilities;

8. Fitness centres for recreational users are allowed to work with all persons using protective masks during exercise and with a maximum of one person per 10 m2; group trainings are prohibited; and

9. Visits in dwelling facilities for persons who are not part of joint family household are prohibited.

The measures will be applied until 1 December, with the possibility of extension in case of an unfavourable epidemiological situation.

Minister Hrapović said at the press conference that Montenegro's results in the first wave of the epidemic were excellent and that the reason for the success was the fear of the unknown virus and the restrictive measures and responsibility of the citizens, after which there was relaxation. 

"I appeal to the citizens to respect the measures. I also call on the competent state bodies - inspection services, police, judiciary and prosecutor's office to put the respect for the implementation of measures at the top of their priorities. I call on the above-mentioned institutions to ensure the preservation of the health and lives of citizens by effectively applying the measures defined by law in accordance with their powers. I appeal to public officials, members of parliament, political party leaders to give their full contribution by personal example of respect for the measures. Every reckless and tactless statement or gesture makes great effort and work in the fight against this virus meaningless. Only the question of life and death must not be politicized! It’s high time to forget all the differences and who is to blame for what and to start thinking about the real danger in which the lives of all of us are at this moment," Minister Hrapović said at the press conference. 

The National Coordination Body adopted the 19th Report on the account balance and outflows from the account of the Operational Staff for Donation Management.

The Report states that until 13 November 2020 at 9 a.m., total inflows from the country and abroad amounted to EUR 8,153,885.12 and USD 75,971.72, while total outflows amounted to EUR 3,069,269.13. (Weekly overview of outflows can be downloaded here.)

According to the information of the Operational Staff, on 30 October 2020 the payment in the amount of EUR 10,879.00 was canceled at the request of the payer due to incorrectly paid funds.

Pursuant to the above, the balance on the giro account of National Coordination Body amounted to EUR 5,084,615.99 and USD 75,971.72.


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