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17. sjednica Vlade Crne Gore
Government of Montenegro Press release from the 17th Cabinet session

The Montenegrin Cabinet held its 17th session, chaired by Prime Minister Milojko Spajić.

Raspisan tender za izradu idejnog rješenja autoputa Andrijevica – Peć, Dionica 
Andrijevica - Čakor
Government of Montenegro Tender announced for conceptual design of Andrijevica – Peć highway, Andrijevica – Čakor section

Monteput has announced a tender for the conceptual design of the Andrijevica – Peć highway, specifically the Andrijevica - Čakor section.

Government of Montenegro Várhelyi: Montenegro shows political will and excellent communication with EU in smart specialisation area

Montenegro is committed to S3 implementation and reflects a level of political commitment in research and innovation, stated Olivér Várhelyi.

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