Government departments, agencies and public bodies

The Government

Government of Montenegro

The 43rd Government of Montenegro consists of the Prime Minister, four Deputy Prime Ministers, 18 Ministers and two Ministers without Portfolio.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister represents the Government, ensures unified political activity of the Government, convenes and chairs the Cabinet sessions, signs the acts it adopts, coordinates the work of Cabinet members and performs other tasks determined by the Constitution and law.

Deputy Prime Ministers

The Government of Montenegro has four Deputy Prime Ministers: for foreign policy, European integration and regional cooperation, for the economic system, for the political system and domestic policy, and for regional development.

Secretariat-General of the Government

The Secretariat-General of the Government of Montenegro is in charge of preparing and holding Cabinet sessions, establishing and developing a system of coordinating and monitoring the harmonization of strategic foreign policy documents with other national strategic documents and/or the acquis communautaire, informing domestic and foreign public about activities of the Government, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister; presenting strategic policies, capital projects and other significant activities of the Government.


Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism

The Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism is the custodian of natural resources, biodiversity and space of Montenegro. Environmental protection, care for clean air, water, land and climate change, preservation of our exceptional spatial heritage - are priorities in the work.

Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism

Activities are directed at enhancing the competitiveness, investment environment and cooperation with business community. The business environment is continuously being improved, facilitating easier conduct of business operations for small and medium-size enterprises and strengthening the entrepreneurship. A business-friendly climate is being created, establishing preconditions that would result in development of a modern Montenegrin industry. Strategic planning of tourism development in our country is pursued, developing sustainable, green, smart and inclusive all-year-round tourism product in accordance with modern trends. 

Ministry of European Affairs

The Ministry of European Affairs is responsible for managing and coordinating the process of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union.

Ministry of Capital Investments

The Ministry of Capital Investments performs administrative tasks related to the preparation and evaluation of development investment projects of interest to Montenegro in the field of energy, mining, transport and maritime affairs, as well as conducting development policy, monitoring the situation and taking measures in these areas.

Ministry of Human and Minority Rights

Ministry of Human and Minority protects and promotes human rights and freedoms, practises rights of minority people and other national minority communities, enhances protection against discrimination, improves gender equality, interethnic tolerances in Montenegro, intercultural dialogue and strengthening coexistence.

Ministry of Science and Technological Development

We create an environment conducive to develop and to raise the quality of the scientific research community in all domains and scientific fields, we strengthen the profession of researchers. We invest in research and innovation by implementing the policy of innovation activity, we encourage the development of products and services in IT activities, we develop innovation infrastructure.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Development of norms and definition of support models to encourage the development of agricultural production is a continuous process and permanent activity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, which takes place with the active participation of agricultural producers, NGOs, professional services and the scientific community and with active international support and cooperation.

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is responsible for preparing draft regulations in the field of labour relations, labour market, social policy and pension and disability insurance. The Ministry supervises the Employment Service, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, the Labor Fund and social and child protection centers and institutions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to achieving and protecting the interests and reputation of Montenegro globally. It assists Montenegrin citizens living and working abroad or travelling out of the country, as well as provides support to Montenegrin trade and others legal subjects at international level.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health, as the creator of the health policy and of the environment for its implementation, pays great attention to the development of medical technologies, procurement of modern and sophisticated medical equipment and devices, professional training and education of doctors and nurses, improvement of infrastructure capacities, construction of new health care facilities, and all with the aim to provide more efficient and quality health care to our citizens and to create a better environment for the work of health workers.

Ministers without Portfolio

Ministers without Portfolio Zoran Miljanic

Minister Zoran Miljanić is in charge of implementing anti-corruption policy, which also implies that he and his team will  monitor the work of Montenegrin institutions in charge of that area, contact and cooperate with domestic and foreign institutions in charge of the fight against corruption.

Administrative Bodies

Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management

Administration for Maritime Safety and Ports Management

Revenue and Customs Administration

Revenue and Customs Administration is one of most important institutions in the system of public administration, whose effiency contributes to the stability of public finances and realisation of the needs of our society as a whole. 

Due to its committment to adopting the best international practice and standards,  Revenue and Customs Administration invests in IT capacities development and modernisation of business processes, with the aim of efficient tax and customs collection, sanctioning of all forms of illegal business, prevention of smuggling and promotion of voluntary compliance.  

Institute for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions

The Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions performs tasks related to: execution of criminal sanctions, namely: prison sentences, long-term imprisonment and juvenile imprisonment, security measures that are carried out in accordance with the law in the Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions; educational measures referral to an institution of the institute type, prison sentences imposed in misdemeanor proceedings and measures to ensure the presence of the defendant in criminal proceedings detention; as well as other tasks that are assigned to her jurisdiction.

Administration for Capital Projects

Uprava za kapitalne projekte vrši poslove koji se odnose na: prethodne i pripremne radove, studije, istražne radove i investicione programe, davanje stručne ocjene na dokumentaciju za donošenje investicionih odluka, pribavljanje rješenja o lokaciji i urbanističko-tehničkim uslovima za pojedine objekte, a u vezi sa izgradnjom i rekonstrukcijom objekata primarne tehničke infrastrukture, objekata državnih organa, zdravstva, obrazovanja, kulture i sporta, kompleksa i objekata na atraktivnim turističkim lokacijama i drugih objekata koji su od javnog interesa i čiju izgradnju finansira država; izradu i tehničku kontrolu tehničke dokumentacije, pribavljanje saglasnosti i odobrenja za građenje; javno oglašavanje i sprovođenje postupka ustupanja radova; zaključivanje ugovora o građenju; vršenje stručnog nadzora i kontrole kvaliteta izvedenih radova ugrađenih materijala i opreme; tehnički pregled, prijem izvedenih radova, pribavljanje odobrenja za upotrebu objekta; evidenciju, plaćanje i kontrolu finansijskog utroška sredstava; vrše se poslovi koji se odnose na: sprovođenje postupaka javnih nabavki za projekte u okviru programa koji se finansiraju iz EU sredstava, a u skladu sa pravilima koja važe za ove programe; pripremanje i zaključivanje ugovora sa odabranim ponuđačima; praćenje sprovođenja i izmjena ugovora; sprovođenje administrativnih i provjera na licu mjesta radi kontrole izvještaja o implementaciji ugovora koje podnose ugovarači; planiranje potreba za finansijskim sredstvima i priprema budžetskog plana Uprave; finansijsko upravljanje, kontrolu i računovodstvo u vezi sa ugovorima finansiranim od strane EU.

Transport Directorate

The Transport Administration performs tasks related to the following: management, development, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of the state roads of Montenegro.