General terms of use

Dear users of the Government Portal,

The Government portal is intended for citizens of Montenegro, businessmen, people from other countries who visit, live or start a business in Montenegro.

Below is basic information about the Portal, as well as the terms of use of the technical platform of the Portal.

The Government portal includes an internet presentation of the Government of Montenegro, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Ministries, as well as administrative bodies in accordance with the Decree on Organization and Manner of Work of State Administration.

The Portal provides information on the work of the Government of Montenegro and its organizational units, information on projects, basic information on services provided by administrative bodies, guides for access to information, review of strategic documents, legislative framework and the like.

The Secretariat-General of the Government is in charge of publishing information on the subportals of the Government of Montenegro, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister and is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the published content.

The Ministries in the Government, as well as other administrative bodies are in charge of publishing the information within their competence and are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the published content.

Pursuant to the applicable legislative regulations, the Government of Montenegro is neither liable for any damage caused by the misuse of the published content, nor responsible for the content that originally is not within the competence of the Government of Montenegro.

The Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, which manages the technical platform of the Portal, disclaims the responsibility regarding the accuracy and timeliness of information presented in all pages except the pages in their jurisdiction.   

The Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media takes all measures to eliminate technical limitations or possible errors at the technical level.

Posting the links of other organizations on the Government and Ministries’ websites is done exclusively for the purpose of additional information of the public. The link use of the administrative bodies’ internet presentations on other internet presentations is also controlled.

The content in English is edited and approved in the same way, provided that the content of the pages and modules does not have to be identical to the pages in our language.

The content that is published on GOV.ME is oriented to all categories of society (citizens, businesses, institutions, various social groups...), authentic, accurate and current, written in clear and simple language, published in Latin and Cyrillic letters, and published in English language, adapted to access different devices, described by metadata, combines text, images, video or audio files.

The contents related to previous convocations of the Government and Ministries get the label so that users have a more clear picture of what kind of content they consume.

The Portal enables the report of problems and submission of suggestions at the bottom of most pages, so that users can contribute to improving the quality and content of the Portal, as well as optimization of all the functionalities that the platform offers.

The Portal users can report problems in functioning of the technical platform to the e-mail:

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