A momentous occasion for Montenegro

Montenegro has achieved a significant milestone with the near-unanimous adoption of all laws, fulfilling the necessary conditions for receiving the Interim Benchmark Assessment Report (IBAR). This marks the culmination of seven months of dedicated collective effort to unblock and accelerate Montenegro's European path.

As the Deputy Prime Minister for Security, Internal Policy, European and Foreign Affairs, and former President of the Parliament, I am proud of the level of responsibility demonstrated by all political actors. This achievement shows that when we are united and prioritize Montenegro's interests, all goals are attainable.

We anticipate receiving the IBAR by the end of the month. Following this, we will maintain our momentum, with the aim of closing multiple chapters by the end of the year.

Over the past months, I have focused predominantly on collaborative efforts to meet interim benchmarks and engage in continuous diplomatic action to secure the IBAR. I have worked closely with colleagues Vujović and Gorčević, as well as Ivanović and Šaranović and their dedicated teams. I express my gratitude for their partnership, teamwork, diligence, and responsible approach, which have led to this success.

Our thanks also go to the EU Delegation led by Ambassador Popa, our Mission in Brussels, and numerous officials from Brussels institutions and their teams, who have shown a friendly and cooperative approach, along with a genuine desire and commitment to help Montenegro achieve its goals.

We will continue to work as a team, with determination and dedication. There's no stopping until we see Montenegro as the 28th member of the European Union!

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