Bečić, Krapović, and General Lazarević visit the "Milovan Šaranović" barracks

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksa Bečić, Minister of Defence Dragan Krapović, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Brigadier General Zoran Lazarević, visited the "Milovan Šaranović" barracks in Danilovgrad, along with the Training Centre within the barracks.

The officials observed a demonstration of the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Montenegro. The visit also included a farewell ceremony for the third contingent of troops who were part of the Forward Land Forces mission in Bulgaria.

During his address, Bečić expressed gratitude to the troops for their dedication and highlighted Montenegro's historical struggle for freedom and justice. He emphasised the need to uphold the values of bravery and patriotism, stating that Montenegro's small size should not undermine its significant historical contributions.

Bečić also stressed the importance of restoring honor and values in society and the military, urging for a renewed focus on professionalism and dedication. He emphasised the role of the military as a symbol of the nation's dignity and called for a commitment to uphold Montenegro's sovereignty and pride.

Minister Krapović wished the troops success in their missions and underscored the importance of professionalism and respect for allied forces. He encouraged the troops to represent Montenegro with pride and honor.

During the visit, various units of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, including Special Forces, Aviation, the 1st Infantry Battalion, and the Military Police, demonstrated their tactical capabilities. Plans for the expansion of the training centre and the future development of the Armed Forces of Montenegro were also discussed, highlighting the country's commitment to strengthening its defence capabilities.

Bečić, Krapović i general Lazarević obišli kasarnu „Milovan Šaranović“ - kadrovi
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