Jasna Vujović

Acting Director of the Directorate for Internal Market and Competitiveness

Jasna Vujović graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade with an average grade of 9.1. She was a scholarship holder of the Municipality of Bar and the Republic Fund for Student Standards.

She gained work experience in the private sector as well as in the law office of her father Radovan Božović. She was the project coordinator of the EIDHR project (protection of human rights and freedoms), funded by the EU Delegation and an expert on the AIM II project - Technical Assistance for the harmonization and implementation of the acquis communautaire in the field of consumer protection. She also participated in the drafting of a number of laws and bylaws in the field of consumer protection and was the President of the Arbitration Board for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes at the Chamber of Commerce.

She was born in 1982 in Bar, where she finished elementary school and high school as a holder of the diploma "Luča". She passed the judicial and bar exams.

She is married, the mother of one child, speaks English.


Jasna Vujović

Rimski trg 46, 81000 Podgorica