Milojko Spajić

Prime Minister of Montenegro

Milojko Spajić was born in 1987 in Pljevlja, where he completed Elementary School and High School.

As a scholarship recipient of the Japanese Government, as part of the Monbukagakusho scholarship program, he completed his first year of studies at Osaka University, and then graduated from a regular four-year study program in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics at the Faculty of Economics at Saitama University. As part of the exchange program, he also spent one semester at the best Chinese technical university, Tsinghua.

He obtained his Master's degree, also as a scholarship recipient, in France at HEC Paris, which is the number one school in Europe for finance, according to the Financial Times.

Having completed his education, he worked in Tokyo and Singapore, in the global banking corporations Citi Bank and Goldman Sachs, after which he was a partner at a Venture Capital Fund in Singapore.

He returned to Montenegro in 2020, in order to help the country with his know-how and experience. In addition to his native language, he also speaks six world languages. Not affiliated to any party, he was a member of the advisory team of Zdravko Krivokapić, the lead candidate on the candidate list of the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" and the Prime Minister Designate. He held the position of Minister of Finance and Social Welfare from December 2020 to April 2022.


Milojko Spajić

Prime Minister of Montenegro
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