PM Krivokapić meets with representatives of the parliamentary majority

Published on: Sep 13, 2021 1:15 PM Author: Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić met with representatives of the parliamentary majority to discuss current developments in the country.

The meeting noted that they have a unified position on the necessity of calming the current political situation with respect for the Constitution and laws of Montenegro. The meeting sent a message that no one is stronger than the state and that the provisions of the legal system must apply to everyone without exception.

A joint statement by the Prime Minister and representatives of the parliamentary majority points out that "whoever is not ready to persevere on that path is not even worthy of the trust given to us by the citizens on 30 August 2020".

Slaven Radunović from Democratic Front, Momo Koprivica from Democratic Montenegro, Miloš Konatar from Civic Movement United Reform Action (URA), Branko Radulović from Movement for Changes (PZP), Dragan Ivanović from Socialist People's Party (SNP), Maksim Vučinić from Workers' Party, Goran Danilović from United Montenegro and Srđan Pavićević from CIVIS attended the meeting.

Zdravko Krivokapić - predstavnici parlamentarne većine
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