European integration ensures peace and stability in the Balkans

Deputy Prime Minister for Labour, Education, Health, and Social Affairs Srđan Pavićević received Emilija Redžepi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for Minority Affairs and Human Rights. Ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro Ariana Zherka Hoxha also attended the meeting. This marks the first official visit of a political representative from Kosovo since the formation of the 44th Government of Montenegro.

The conversation took place in a pleasant and cordial atmosphere, during which the two officials exchanged views on the strategic priorities of both countries. They noted that at the top of the priority list in both cases are: establishing the rule of law, with a particular emphasis on respecting human and minority rights, combating organised crime and corruption, and accession to the European Union, while the Kosovar side additionally emphasised the necessity of joining NATO.

Redžepi expressed gratitude to Montenegro – both for receiving refugees and for supporting the establishment of the Republic of Kosovo's independence, emphasising the following: Mutual respect, common goals towards European integration, respect for human rights, and good neighbourly relations are the only guarantee of peace, stability, and overall security conditions in the Balkans.

Pavićević fully agreed with this stance and emphasised: From our past experience and turbulent political events, it is clear that integration processes are absolutely superior and emancipatory for all Western Balkan countries, while disintegration processes, insistence on differences, and what divides us are inferior and retrograde trends.

Pavićević also expressed great hope that "under the roof of the European Union, all these people will feel safer and more satisfied because by emphasising and nurturing common values and goals, the space for justice tailored to the larger nation or more aggressive policies is reduced. We don't all have to be the same for justice to apply to everyone. Ultimately, it is in the interest of citizens to be satisfied and safe, rather than for their political elites to prove their political and historical correctness."

The officials agreed that there are no obstacles to mutual cooperation and exchange of good practices and that both countries are open to continue nurturing relations and building trust in a friendly and transparent spirit in the interest of the entire region.

Srđan Pavićević - Emilija Redžepi, pomoćnica predsjednika Vlade Republike Kosovo za ljudska prava i nevećinske narode (09.02.2024.)
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