Diplomatic and Consular Network

The constituent part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Diplomatic and Consular Representations: embassies, missions to international organizations and con

Bilateral cooperation

Montenegro is strongly committed to the permanent development of bilateral relations with other countries in accordance with defined foreign policy priorities

Regional cooperation

Good neighboring relations and regional cooperation is one of the key priorities of foreign policy of Montenegro from restoration of independence in 2006.Mont

Free Access to Information

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with Law on Free Access to Information and other positive regulations managing this area, undertake activities in o

International cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a network of diplomatic and consular missions, is working on the priorities of Montenegro's foreign policy.

Economic diplomacy

The Government of Montenegro has inserted economic diplomacy in its work priorities for 2021, recognizing the importance of attracting foreign investment and

Diplomatic protocol

Diplomatic Protocol participates in the preparation of official and working visits of foreign ministers to Montenegro

Consular Affairs

Consular activities are related to protection of rights and interests of Montenegro, its citizens and legal entities abroad, developing ties with Montenegrin citizens who work and live in other countries.


North-Athlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is the largest international military-political organization in the world, founded on April 4th 1949 in Washington.

European Union

Accession to the European Union is a strategic foreign policy goal of Montenegro

Diplomatic Academy

Diplomatic Academy is specific organization unit competent for training and development of diplomats and all public servants who are working on representing interests of Montenegro abroad.

Latest news

Feb 28, 2022
MFA informs the public that there are currently seven Montenegrin citizens in Ukraine who intend to leave the country

Leading team

Aleksandra Mišurović

Aleksandra Mišurović

Acting General Director of the General Directorate for Bilateral Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Snežana Radović

Snežana Radović

Acting General Director of the General Directorate for the European Union

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Stanica Popović

Stanica Popović

Acting General Director of the General Directorate for Consular Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dejan Vuković

Dejan Vuković

Acting General Director of the General Directorate for Economic and Cultural Diplomacy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Radovan Bogojević

Acting General Director of the General Directorate for Multilateral Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The scope of the Ministry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to achieving and protecting the interests and reputation of Montenegro globally. It assists Montenegrin citizens living and working abroad or travelling out of the country, as well as provides support to Montenegrin trade and others legal subjects at international level.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Cabinet of the Minister

Kabinet ministra
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